1. Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to and govern your use of our Netpaydue.com Ltd. website, its facilities and services and App (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Website"). By accepting these Terms of Service and the associated Privacy Policy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Policy you are entering into a contractual agreement solely between Netpaydue.com Ltd. and yourself. Please read through and understand our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy carefully.

References to 'you', 'your', 'yours' and 'yourself' are references to every kind of Netpaydue.com Ltd. User (hereinafter referred to as a "Consumer" or a "User"). A Consumer or a User will be either one of the following:
- a System Administrator: that is a User who could be a legal entity represented by a person or an individual person using an email address to represent an organisation to create an account with Netpaydue.com Ltd. for them to provide a service, or
- an Assistance Administrator: that is a User who has been appointed by a System Administrator to assist the System Administrator in administering the service, or
- An Associate User: that is a User who accepts an invitation to sign up or takes the initiative to sign up directly with Netpaydue.com Ltd. to use any of the services available at the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website.
- a Client: that is a User who has been invited to use a specific service by a System Administrator or an Assistance Administrator.
References to 'we', 'us' and 'our' are references to Netpaydue.com Ltd., the host of this mobile friendly Website (hereinafter known as the "Supplier").
By accessing, browsing or using our Website and any of its facilities, content or information, you unreservedly accept that you will be bound by our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy. If you do not agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and/or GDPR Policy please do not use our Website and its services.
If you wish to make a serious complaint to us regarding our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and/or GDPR Policy, and/or anything relating to our services, you agree that you will only notify us in writing and communicate the writing from the email address that you use for signing in to your Netpaydue.com account, or by registered post to our address as given on our Website if you have not got a User Account with us. We will not acknowledge or entertain any phone calls, or any letter or statement in an email that is not from the active email address that you have been using as a User ID for logging in to your Netpaydue.com Ltd. account, nor any social media communication or faxed communications for any form of complaint.
Netpaydue.com Ltd. may decide from time to time to waive any of the Terms of Service governing the Website and its facilities. If we do so, we will not be deemed to have waived those Terms of Service on any other occasion.
This Terms of Service is the only agreement between us in which we as the host of the Website are prepared to deal with you as a Netpaydue.com Ltd. User. No other terms or conditions endorsed upon, delivered with, or contained in your acknowledgement or acceptance of purchase, purchase order, specification or other documents shall form part of this agreement.

2. Right to Change

Netpaydue.com Ltd. reserves the right to change the content of the Website and its facilities, the fees we charge, and the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy or any part thereof, at any time without notice. Any changes to the services on our Website and/or our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy will be posted on our Website and/or on this page and will be available for you to view at any time. It is your responsibility to check the Website, the Price page and these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy in case there are any changes each time before you use the Website and its facilities. If you access and use the Website and its facilities after we have made a change you shall be treated as having accepted the change. If at any time you disagree with any changes, you must not use the Website and its facilities and should write to us, using registered post, to our given address as stated in the Website, to inform us that you wish to terminate your usage of the Website services.

3. Privacy

Please refer to our separate Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy which also applies to and governs your use of our Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website to understand our practices.

4. Description of Services

4.1 How Does It Work?

The Supplier, Netpaydue.com Ltd., hosts a mobile device friendly platform website that allows any Consumer to either:
- use the Website to provide a service in which case they are then known as a Provider, or
- to use the Website to access various services provided, in which case these Consumers are then known as Associate Users or Client Users.
The Supplier, Netpaydue.com Ltd., may also from time to time provide some of its own products that allow any Consumer to use them on an ‘as is’ basis or to white label them under their own name and further provide the service under their own brand. Some of the services provided at the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website are free for all to use without the Consumer needing to first of all sign up to create a User account. Some of the services are only able to be used at the Provider’s invitation or after you have first signed up to create an account on your own initiative. Whether it is a free for all service or a service that needs to first of all be signed up for, all Users are subject to Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s and the respective Provider’s Terms of Service.

A "Provider"means a User making use of the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website platform to provide a service in any way they think suitable, on condition that it does not contravene the law of where the services are hosted or the Terms of Service of Netpaydue.com Ltd. Beyond the agreement between Netpaydue.com Ltd. and a Provider, the Provider is free to add additional items on top of the services Netpaydue provides, or withdraw part or all of their services at any time from the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website. What services are available at the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website depends entirely on what the Providers are willing to provide. Netpaydue.com Ltd. gives no warranty to the continuity of any service provided at Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website platform.

There are four types of Consumer User:

The first type of Consumer User is known as the System Administrator. A System Administrator represents a Provider and will use an email address to sign up to create a Provider account for providing mobile friendly services at the Supplier’s Website, subject to agreement.

The second type of Consumer User is known as an Assistance Administrator. An Assistance Administrator is a User appointed by a Provider's System Administrator to assist the System Administrator to administer the service the Provider provides.

The third type of Consumer User is known as an Associate User. An Associate User is a User who has accepted a Provider's invitation and sign up to a Provider's service, or a User who took their own initiative to sign up to the Netpaydue.com website and created an account for the use of any number of services available on the Website, subject to the respective Provider’s Terms of Service.

The fourth type of Consumer User is known as a Client User. A Client User is a Consumer who has been invited by the Provider's System Administrator or Assistance Administrator to use a specific service provided by the Provider.

All Consumers are free to use the services provided on the Netpaydue.com Website in accordance with the Terms of Service on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis and have the right to stop using the service either temporarily or to close their account permanently through the Right To Be Forgotten process.

Consumer Users, be they a System Administrator, an Assistance Administrator, an Associate User or a Client User, are all represented by an email address which they have chosen or which has been assigned to them to use to sign up for the service. As a Consumer User the email address you use for signing up to create an account at Netpaydue.com Ltd. represents you and you alone. A User can also access their account through the Single Sign-on (SSO) account under your control. You understand that whoever has control of your User email or SSO account will have full control of all the data within that account.You understand and accept full responsibility for keeping your email account and SSO account safe and under your control and you understand and accept the full consequences of failing to do so.

All Users are required to provide an alternative email address for contingency and recovery of forgotten sign in details purposes. Keeping this alternative recovery email account safe is also essential to keep your NetPaydue.com Ltd. account and data safe. By clicking on the Terms of Service agreement you understand and accept that you will keep the email addresses you have used for the service safe and secure at all times and accept the full consequences of any compromising of your email accounts.

You accept that in order for us to ascertain the validity of the mobile number we are dealing with, we will only communicate with the mobile number you are using for our App. For verification purposes we may require you to either make a non-chargeable mobile phone call to us while you are creating your mobile account, or whenever you change a sim card with a new number, or we may ourselves verify the number you have given us against the mobile number stored in your mobile phone settings.

The Website is designed primarily to be accessed from a mobile device but it can also comfortably operate from any desktop system that supports established well-known browsers.

4.2 Duties and Responsibilities

To enable the services to run smoothly and benefit all Users, regardless of which User type you belong to, you unreservedly accept and commit to perform your duties and responsibilities as indicated below.

A "System Administrator": As a System Administrator you must assume full responsibility over all aspects of the services you provide and assume full responsibility for any Assistance Administrators you may appoint, as well as provide all support and assistance possible to all Clients you invite to use the services and the Associated Users who subscribe to the services, paid or unpaid. Acting as the System Administrator you are committed to observe and implement Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR policy in full.

An "Assistance Administrator ": As an Assistance Administrator you must assume full responsibility on behalf of the Provider in the same way a System Administrator would have to act to support the Users using their service. Acting as an Assistance Administrator you must also be committed to observe and implement Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR policy in full.

AnAssociate User: As an Associate User you must accept Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy and the Providers' own Terms of Service if applicable, as well as pay for any charges due for the service you have used.

A "Client User": As a Client User you must always pay any service charges due without delay and act within what is imposed in the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy.

All Consumer Users, be they System Administrators, Assistance Administrators, Associate Users or Client Users, are subject to Netpaydue.com Ltd.'s Terms of Service and as well as the Provider’s Terms of Services. The Netpaydue.com Ltd. Terms of Service shall prevail if any Provider's own Terms of Service are contradictory to Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s Terms of Service.

As a Netpaydue.com User you accept that if you wish to Opt out, Opt in, or exercise the Right to be Forgotten you must follow the guidance detailed below:

-Opt out
You understand that if you wish to opt out of a particular service it is entirely your individual decision to exclude yourself from a particular subscribed service you have had in the Netpaydue system, either temporarily or permanently, and you can only Opt Out of a service by logging into your account and clicking on the Opt Out button and entering your password to confirm the Opt Out. No email, phone call or other communication channel of instruction to act on your behalf for an opt out of a service will be acknowledged or entertained by Netpaydue.com Ltd.

- Opt in
You understand that opting back in to a subscribed service can only be done by yourself at any time by following through the given process on the Website. If you can opt back in to the account you had and whether you can still access the service you used to have will depend on whether the Provider of the service is willing to have you return to the service that the particular Provider provides. Netpaydue.com Ltd. will not interfere with how a Provider wishes to operate their service on condition that the Provider does not violate the law of the land. No email, phone call or other communication channel of instruction requesting us to act on your behalf for an opt in to a service will be acknowledged or entertained by Netpaydue.com Ltd.

- Suspension of account
You acknowledge that a service Provider has the right to suspend any Users from using the service the Provider provides for whatever reason the Provider deems appropriate, and the matter is between you and the Provider. Netpaydue.com Ltd. operators appointed by Netpaydue.com Ltd. have the right to suspend any User from using any of the services hosted under the Netpaydue.com Ltd. platform for security reasons or any other reasons they think appropriate. The decision made by the Director of Netpaydue.com Ltd. on any appeal against a suspension is final.

- Reinstatement of an Account
You accept that a Provider can only help to reinstate a User’s access to the particular service that the Provider provides and not to any other service other Providers provide. If your account was reinstated by a Netpaydue operator, the reinstatement can only allow you to access the Netpaydue.com Ltd. platform for various services on offer and whether you still can continue to access the various subscribed services you used to have will depend on whether the Provider of a particular subscribed service is still willing to have you back in the service which that Provider provides. Within the law a Provider has the right to decide how they wish to offer their services and who can qualify for their services.

- Right to be Forgotten
You understand that exercising your Right to be Forgotten is your individual choice to close a particular account represented by a particular email address which you used to create your account at Netpaydue.com Ltd. and will exclude yourself under that particular email or any other Users permanently from accessing ALL the services and data you had under that email address at the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website. The Right to be Forgotten can only be achieved by logging in to your Netpaydue.com Ltd. account yourself to follow through the given due process within a given timeframe. If you have used multiple email addresses for different services at the Netpaydue.com Ltd. website, the Right to be Forgotten must be done separately and individually on each email address you have at Netpaydue.com Ltd. with the same due process and within the timeframe given. Failing to complete the Right to be Forgotten process yourself within the given timeframe will leave the account remaining open. No email, phone call or other communication channel of instruction for completing the Right to be Forgotten process on your behalf will be acknowledged or entertained by Netpaydue.com Ltd.

4.3 Forbidden Activities

You understand and accept that as a User you shall not :

4.3.1 decompile, reverse engineer, or modify the Supplier’s Website software or underlying source code, or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code for the software for the service;

4.3.2 sublicense or allow any other person to use the Supplier’s Website software system except pursuant to the normal operation of the content management interface;

4.3.3 use the Mark without the Supplier’s prior written consent

4.3.4 use the Supplier’s Website software or underlying source code for any purpose other than the design, build, sale and management of the Website/mobile app site on the content management interface;

4.3.5 use the software or underlying source code in a manner that interferes with the use of the software by the Supplier or its Consumer Users;

4.3.6 commence development of an electronic Website/mobile app site in competition with the Supplier's software; or

4.3.7 make any claim of ownership or licence to the Mark or the software in any way. It is understood that this Agreement shall solely govern the Consumer’s interest in the Mark and the Software. The Consumer acknowledges that it does not presently have the special skills, techniques or business policies developed by the Supplier, nor does the Consumer have access to the Supplier's body of knowledge.

A violation of any of the forbidden activities shall be deemed to be a material breach of this Agreement, and in such event the Supplier shall have the absolute rights, in addition to retaining all monies paid hereunder, to pursue all other remedies available at law or in equity, to refuse or terminate the Consumer’s access to the Software or services. The restriction contained in this section shall expressly survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.

5. Commissioning and Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. All facilities and services provided by Netpaydue.com under this Terms of Service agreement shall not be construed as commissioning within the meaning of the Copyright, Design and Patent Act 1988 or any other copyright legislation in any other jurisdictions. The User shall only be granted a non-transferable/non-assignable right to use the Website. Any request for additional works, adaptations, modifications, change of workflows, or upgrades made by the User, whether paid or unpaid, shall not in any way be construed as commissioning and all intellectual properties of such shall remain vested in the Supplier, Netpaydue.com Ltd.

5.2. All Netpaydue.com Ltd. Users understand that they shall not disclose any ideas, trade secrets or any materials to Netpaydue.com Ltd. if the User wants these items to be protected by its copyright. The User also accepts that if any designs, workflow, functionalities, ideas, trade secrets and design changes etc are disclosed by the User to Netpaydue.com Ltd. from time to time incidentally or pre-planned in advance, which were subsequently incorporated into Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s Website software and system in whole or in part, it will be entirely at Netpaydue.com Ltd. ’s sole discretion to deal with the same in any way it chooses with no additional financial reward and/or intellectual property rights offered to the User. The User acknowledges and undertakes that under no circumstances will the User make any claim against the Supplier for financial compensation or any intellectual property right claim for any input provided by the User.

5.3. You acknowledge that all Intellectual Property Rights in the Website software and any modification belongs and shall belong to Netpaydue.com Ltd. or its licensor, and you shall have no rights in or to the software other than the right to use it in accordance with this Terms of Service and you agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Netpaydue.com Ltd. against any losses arising from any breach by the User or any Affiliate of the same.

5.4. Netpaydue.com Ltd. agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified you and your respective officers, directors, employees, subcontractors, agents, clients, successors and assigns (the "Indemnified Parties") against any losses suffered or incurred by the Indemnified Parties based upon or in connection with the alleged infringement of any third party's Intellectual Property Rights occurring within the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website platform operating system and Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s own provided service.

However, Netpaydue.com will be exempt from any responsibility for any infringement of any third party's intellectual Property Rights made by a Provider who uses the Netpaydue.com platform to provide a service that is not owned by Netpaydue.com Ltd.

5.5. If any Infringement Claim is made, or in the User’s reasonable opinion is likely to be made, against the Supplier, the Supplier may at its sole option and expense:

5.5.1. procure for the User the right to continue using, developing, modifying or maintaining the Website software (or any part thereof) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; or

5.5.2. modify the Website software so that it ceases to be infringing; or

5.5.3. replace the Website software with non-infringing software;

6. Intellectual Rights and Responsibilities

6.1. Between Netpaydue.com Ltd. and a Provider, each party has the sole right to their respective Intellectual Property Rights and takes full and sole responsibility for what they own and what software tools they have used in regard to their and others Intellectual Property.

6.2. Home Page: The Intellectual Property Rights and the responsibility of a Provider’s Home Pages and associated content linked to the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website, which tell the subscribers what Provider services are being offered, the costs, charges to be made, the risk and return profile and various written materials, belong entirely to the respective Provider and Netpaydue.com will not be held responsible for any such content.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

7.1. Netpaydue.com Ltd. expressly disclaims any representation or warranty that the Website and services provided hereunder will be error free, timely, secure or uninterrupted. No oral advice or written information given by the Supplier, its employees, licensors or agents will create a warranty; nor may the User rely on such information or advice.

7.2. Under no circumstances will Netpaydue.com Ltd. or its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use the Website and services, including but not limited to, reliance on any information obtained on the Website or services, or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or emails, loss of or damage to data, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, or any failure of performance, acts of god, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorised access to Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s records, programs or services. You hereby acknowledge that this provision will apply whether or not Netpaydue.com Ltd. is given notice of the possibility of such damages and that this provision shall apply to all services available from the Supplier and its affiliates.

7.3. Under no circumstances shall Netpaydue.com Ltd. be liable for damages based on loss of business, or loss of profits, whether based on breach of agreement, breach of warranty, product liability, or otherwise, to any party privy to this agreement, or any third party;

7.4. The terms of this clause shall survive the termination of this agreement for whatever reason, whether by the Supplier or by the Consumer.


8. Disposal of Data / Deletion of Accounts / Closing your Account

You accept that in order to make our system work efficiently we will place any account that is not active for more than 12 months into INACTIVE ACCOUNT "cold storage". If you wish to revive an inactive account a cost and process may be incurred.

9. Electronic Payments Arrangements

Different electronic payment providers may be displayed on our Website and you understand that these are only displayed for your convenience to access in order to make payments. We do not represent, nor are we Agents for, nor are we responsible for any of these financial providers.
You understand that in order for you to make electronic payments, be it credit card payments, BACS payments or other electronic payment arrangements through our Website, you will need to make arrangements and agreements with a third party financial provider outside of our service. You should only use our payment software facility after you have set up proper arrangements and agreements with the financial provider. You further understand that we do not give any guarantee or warranty for any payment transaction you may make through our Website. The electronic payment service facility is again provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis.

10. Providing a Service Only, Not Advice

You acknowledge that Netpaydue.com Ltd. mainly provides the mobile friendly platform for any Provider to provide a service. Netpaydue.com Ltd. does not provide any tax advice, legal advice, pay administration advice, payment advice, advice on how to use the payment facilities, nor does Netpaydue.com Ltd. provide or endorse any kind of financial or other advice.
Any statement, correspondence or incidental conversation between the staff of Netpaydue.com Ltd. and yourself, which could be seen or construed as advice, is entirely between you and the individual staff member concerned. You agree that any advice given by any of Netpaydue.com Ltd.’s staff, or any statement you have seen in the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website, either expressly or implied and whether or not under our letterhead, should be taken as purely a personal opinion and used at your own risk and we shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising or in connection thereof.
You further undertake that any final decision you make will not be based on any statement made by Netpaydue.com Ltd. or its staff. You will make your final decision only after consulting a suitable qualified legal expert, or tax consultant, or IT consultant, etc.
If necessary you should attend training courses, or any other courses, which may be conducted by Netpaydue.com Ltd. or others, to learn how to correctly use the Website facilities we provide. You may need to sign up for paid support provided by a third party to correctly administrate and use the Website facilities we provide.
The pre-set items in our payroll and other facilities are commonly used items for many Users however they may not be applicable to you. It must not be construed that we are dictating or advising you on how you should use the Website. You take full responsibility to check the pre-set items to see if the pre-set items are suitable for your use before you begin to use the facilities.

11. Data Accuracy, Compliance and Security

You accept that we will only contact you using the details you state in your account and any changes of your address or other contact details can only be done by you by logging in to your account and making the changes yourself. Any email or other form of notice you may send requesting to have your address or contact details changed by us will not be valid or accepted.
You acknowledge that you will take full responsibility for all the data entered and uploaded into our Website as we have no control over the authority, the quality or safety of the data input and the data updates regardless of what type of User you are. You and you alone are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your records. All liabilities however arising as a result of errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or a lack of clarity in your data records, insofar as they attach to us, are excluded.
For security and other reasons you accept that we have the right from time to time to monitor what data is being entered or uploaded into our Website. Your uploaded data may be placed in a temporary holding bin for checking and screening to ensure that it does not contain virus and non-complying items and, if necessary, for us to view and test to see if the data complies with HMRC or Companies House data format rules before the data can be accepted into the system for processing or e-filing to HMRC or Companies House.

12. Sign up/Sign in details

You undertake to keep your sign up and sign in details secret. You further undertake to change your Password regularly. If you do not know how to change your Password, you undertake to seek expert advice on how to do so. You must not tell anyone your sign in details or write them down in a manner that would allow someone else to use them and access your data. Never include your Password or Pattern Word in an email or a letter. You understand that Netpaydue.com Ltd. will never ask you to enter your Password or Memorable Word on any other website or letter or email. You must not tell anyone, including Netpaydue.com Ltd. staff, any sign up and sign in details over the phone, or by any other correspondence including email. Do not enter your Password or confidential details while someone else is watching. If you do not comply with these undertakings or follow this advice, Netpaydue.com Ltd. will take no responsibility for any security breach that may result.
You must immediately notify your System Administrator and write to us if you suspect that someone knows your sign in details and/or has accessed your data.
You accept that for reasons of data security Netpaydue.com Ltd. is not obliged to reply to any email or letter, nor enter into any verbal discussion, regarding forgotten sign in details. If you forget your sign in details the only way for you to recover them is to click on the 'Forgot Sign In' button on our Website and follow the on-line instructions.

13. User Undertaking and Responsibility

Like any other Internet based operation, this Website is exposed to the usual risks associated with using the Internet and we cannot absolutely guarantee the privacy of your company, client and/or employee details or data. As a User you agree that given the risks mentioned above you must consult and explain the risks to your company, your clients and/or your employees if you are a bureau/agent before you use this Website. When you use this Website we will assume that you have already gone through a thorough consultation process with all persons concerned and have gained their consent before entering any of their data on the Website. You agree to indemnify Netpaydue.com Ltd. for the consequences of any authorised and unauthorised entry of, or changes made to, employee or client data.
If you have been appointed as an Assistance Administrator User or any other User, you undertake that you will never disclose any details you have seen or come across relating to employees’ or clients’ personal detail, financial details, or any details of the employer who appointed you, either by intention or by mistake. As an additional Assistance Administrator User or other User you agree that you will compensate the employee, the employer, and/or the client concerned, as well as the service provider of this Website, for any consequential losses without limit if you are found to be in breach of the confidentiality and non disclosure undertaking.

14. Support Request

You understand that when you enable the Support Request function in our system you are inviting our Support Team to access your account. They will have the same access rights as you have and will be able to view your employees', your clients' and your clients' employees' data, from any Internet point be it in the UK or abroad, over the Internet.
You understand that neither the system, nor anyone in our company, will automatically disable the Support Request and it is entirely your responsibility as the initiator of the Support Request to disable the function whenever you find the Support Request function is no longer required.
Given the possible risks entailed by the Support Request function you undertake to first of all obtain the consent from all the parties concerned before enabling the Support Request function. Once you enable the Support Request we can only assume you have got the definite consent from the parties concerned and you take full responsibility for the consent. We will not take responsibility for any risk or breach of confidentiality if you choose to use this function as a means of getting support.

15. Appointing Assistance Administrator Users

If you appoint an internal or external User to assist you to administrate the service you provide or for auditing of accounts or any other purpose, then that Assistance Administrator User will have the same access rights as you do and will be capable of viewing and amending your company, your clients and all employee details in all aspects from any Internet point be it in the office, at home, an Internet café, or even from abroad.
Given the above facts there could be a risk entailed by appointing an Assistance Administrator User. It is entirely your responsibility to draw your own final conclusion as to whether you want to use this function. You undertake to take all the necessary precautions and get the consent from all the parties concerned before you implement the additional Assistance User function.
You accept sole responsibility for whoever you appoint as an Assistant Administrator User and you also accept that you will not hold Netpaydue.com Ltd. responsible in any way whatsoever for providing the facility which allows you to appoint an Assistance Administrator User.

16. Correspondence

Should there be any correspondence between you and any of our staff the views or opinions presented in any of our emails or letters are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Netpaydue.com Ltd. Any emails you may send to Netpaydue.com Ltd. may be monitored by Netpaydue.com Ltd. for operational or business reasons.
Around 99% of computer viruses are spread through emails with attached files. For this reason, you agree not to send Netpaydue.com Ltd. any email containing attached files or any email containing linkages which may trigger a virus. You also understand that any email containing an attached file will be automatically rejected by Netpaydue.com Ltd. Netpaydue.com Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any damages whatsoever that are caused by viruses being passed on.
Netpaydue.com Ltd. may from time to time send you important notifications to your registered email address regarding important data updates or security alerts. You undertake to check your email account for these notifications on a regular basis.
Internet communications go through various ISPs and various Internet hubs before they reach you and therefore are not secure. For this reason you accept that Netpaydue.com Ltd. does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of any messages transmitted over the Internet.
You agree that any telephone calls made to or from Netpaydue.com Ltd. may be recorded for quality control and training purposes and you further agree that the details of the calls may be made public should any dispute arise provided the call does not include any individual's personal confidential details.

17. VAT

All prices listed or quoted do not include Value Added Tax.

18. Fees and Charges

Netpaydue.com’s fees and charges will apply immediately after any free usage period is given. It is your responsibility to check the charges and relevant rates before you start using the system.
All Fees and Charges are always published on our Website and are applicable to all without discrimination.
Netpaydue.com may in its absolute discretion waive any charges and allow any free usage at any time, however if we do so we will not be deemed to have waived the charges or fees on other occasions. We reserve the right to change the published fees and charges and impose any new charges, if any, at any time with or without notice.

19. Invoicing and Payment Terms

You agree that for any chargeable service we provide we may issue you invoices in an electronic format by email or by placing the invoices in a place where you can print them at any time. As a User, you accept that these electronic invoices are Netpaydue.com Ltd.'s official invoices and you will undertake to print out the invoices yourself if you require hard copies. Any services provided by a Provider will be invoiced separately by the Provider concerned and the way an invoice is to be administered will be spelt out in the Provider’s Terms of Service and is a matter entirely between you and the Provider.
All fees due to Netpaydue.com Ltd. or any Provider must be paid within the given credit time limit shown in the invoice and on the Website. Failing to pay within the credit time limit may make you liable to pay interest on top of the invoice amount and also result in your Internet account with us being suspended. Once your account is suspended you will not be able to access the Netpaydue.com Website or a particular service.
We may request that payment should be made to Netpaydue.com Ltd. by the electronic payment system we support or any other on-line payment service, to be further defined from time to time. We WILL NEVER ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS nor cheque payments.
Our standard credit term is not more than 30 days if there is no separate agreement.

20. Termination of Service

You agree that Netpaydue.com Ltd. in its sole discretion may terminate your account (or any part thereof), or use of the Website and its facilities, and remove and discard any content within the Website and its facilities, for any reason, including without limitation, a lack of use, or if Netpaydue.com Ltd. believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently within the letter or spirit of the Terms of Service. You agree that if Netpaydue.com Ltd. exercises its right to terminate its facilities, you may appeal to the Board of Directors of Netpaydue and the Board of Directors decision on your appeal will be final. You also agree that there will be no compensation of any kind for losses or inconvenience arising out of the termination of the use of the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website or its facilities. Netpaydue.com Ltd. also reserves the right to withdraw either the whole or part of the Website service and its facilities at any time, with or without notice or reason to any of its Users.
Your account may be terminated either by official notice, and/or as a result of you not using the account for more than one year, and/or as a result of overdue payment. If your account is terminated you will no longer have any access rights to your account. Should you need access to the account and use any of the services in our Website after the account is terminated, a fresh agreement and price arrangement must be agreed first.

21. Security

You understand that you should never leave your computer or mobile device whilst you are signed in to our Website. Always sign out from our Website and its facilities whenever you are not using them. If using a public or shared computer or mobile device, you must undertake to sign out and close down any browser windows when you have finished using our Website and its facilities.
You undertake to update your postal address details and identity details on our Website immediately as they change or just prior to them changing. You accept that you will be obliged to provide us with proof of identity if you use our sign in details recovery facility. Recovered sign in details will be printed on to normal plain paper and placed in an ordinary plain envelope and sent to you at the address you have entered in our Website. If you wish to have the recovered sign in details sent to an address different to the one you have entered in our Website you will need to follow the additional instructions we state in our recovery process, which may involve you engaging a UK Law Society registered lawyer to identify you and indemnify us of the consequences of sending the details to a different address. You agree that when we post you any recovery details we do not take any responsibility for postal and postal associated problems. You accept the risks involved in the way the recovered sign in detail is communicated to you.
You expressly acknowledge and agree that any material and/or information downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of our Website and its facilities is done at your own discretion and risk and that you shall be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or mobile device or loss of data that results from the download of such material and/or data.


We nor any of our subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers or employees, nor any of our Licensors (as defined herein), nor any third party vendor, will be liable or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage that you incur in the event of any failure or interruption of the Website services and/or the Mobile App, or resulting from the act or omission of any other party involved in providing the Website services or the Mobile App.

23 Limitation of Liability

In conjunction with the Disclaimer of Warranties of the Website system and Mobile App services as explained above, you expressly understand and agree that any claim against us shall be limited to the amount you have paid us in one tax year, if any, for use of the products and/or services. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary loss or damages which may be incurred by you as a result of using our Website and/or Mobile App services, or as a result of any changes, data loss or corruption, cancellation, loss of access, or downtime to the full extent that applicable limitation of liability laws apply.

24. Third Party Sites

The Website and its facilities may contain links to other sites not maintained by Netpaydue.com Ltd. We are not responsible for the content of these third party sites. By accessing other Websites through links provided by Netpaydue.com Ltd., you agree to the following: -
Independent providers have produced the material available on these sites. Any opinions or recommendations are solely those of the independent providers and are not the opinions or recommendations of Netpaydue.com Ltd. Netpaydue.com Ltd. cannot guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any such information. The materials and information you may find on these third party sites are provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information, services, or products provided through or in connection with the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, expectation of privacy or non-infringement. Netpaydue.com Ltd. will not be held liable for any damages or injury resulting from the use of linked sites.
The Website may also contain material submitted and created by third parties. We do not make any recommendation or endorsement as to any service or product or to any material, including advertisements, submitted by third parties to our Website. Netpaydue.com Ltd. excludes all liability for any illegality arising from, or error, omission or inaccuracy in such material.

25. Advertisements

In consideration of your use of the Service, you agree that Netpaydue.com Ltd. reserves the right to place any advertisement on any page and anywhere on the page in our Website and any correspondence email, at any time.
Your correspondence or dealings with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers and merchants found on or through the Website, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such advertiser or merchant, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. You agree that Netpaydue.com Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such advertisers and merchants on the Service. Any orders placed by you are subject to confirmation by and the terms and conditions of business of the relevant Merchant.

26. Third Party Rights

In the event that you have any right, claim or action against any other User arising from that User's use of the Website and its facilities, you agree to pursue such right, claim or action independently of and without recourse to us, and you release Netpaydue.com Ltd. from all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, known and unknown, arising from or in any way connected with such right, claim or action.
A person who is not a party to this Terms of Service has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this Terms of Service but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party specified in this Terms of Service or which exists or is available apart from that Act.

27. Governing Law

These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

28. Licensing and Copyright

Netpaydue.com Ltd. hereby states that Netpaydue.com does not own the Website’s operating system source code copyright and the source code for the Website operating system is used under licence from the UK registered company INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112), known as the licensor. You acknowledge that Netpaydue.com Ltd. is the service provider of the Website but not the copyright source code holder of the Website’s operating system software. Netpaydue.com Ltd. has been granted a non-exclusive licence to use the software to provide services on the Website on an "as is" basis.
INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112) is the intellectual property rights holder of the operating system software of the Netpaydue.com Website. INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112), the licensor, does not give any warranty express or implied (including, but not limited to, any express or implied warranties as to fitness for purpose, suitability, accuracy and completeness of content, quality and availability), relating to your access and use of the Website and its services, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.
The Intersoftware Solutions Ltd. operating system software source code copyright, which Netpaydue.com uses under the licence mentioned above, includes the business workflow, the business logic, the source code of the Website software, the calculation engine, the server hosting software, the auto administration system for collecting payments, the sign-up and sign-in to the software user management system for managing all users type and category, various screen pages design, the reports, the roll-back system, the multi User system, the E-Filing system, the downloading system and the reminders for the Users usage of the software, etc.,

The INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112) software operating system copyright does NOT include for any licensee, including Netpaydue.com Ltd., any licensee’s HomePage design and literature, the colours, the logos, the icons, the marketing materials, the advertisement design, the users' usage help and support documents and animations, all the links to the Netpaydue.com website, the data backup system, the charges pricing system, the financial risk and return statements or advice related to any financial dealing or linkages and the GDPR Policy and GDPR supervisory system, etc.

You accept that if you request customisation and/or modification to Netpaydue.com Ltd.'s software, whether the original idea and design for customisation and/or modification comes from you or from others, you agree that the copyright of the customised and/or modified software remains with either INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112) or Netpaydue.com Ltd. The respective copyright holder shall then in turn grant you a non-exclusive licence to use the modified and/or customised software upon payment of the agreed fee or other consideration, if any.
All software you have used and will be using is strictly used under licence, and is not sold.
Copyright 2023 INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112). All rights reserved. Reproduction, copying, usage, modifying, hiring, renting, public performance, transmission and/or broadcasting in whole or in part of the various software or web pages is prohibited without the written consent of INTERSOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Company No. 03306112). You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software, except and only to the extent that such opportunity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

29. Other

No one may link any other website to the Netpaydue Website, without the prior written permission from Netpaydue.com Ltd.
The names and logos of other companies and products mentioned on the Website may be the trademarks of third parties, including our business partners and are used by us with the permission of their respective owner(s). All trade names and trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
This Terms of Service constitutes the entire agreement between you and Netpaydue.com in relation to the Website and its facilities and the licence, and supersedes any other oral or written communications with respect to the Website and its facilities.

Copyright © Netpaydue.com Ltd. 2023 All rights reserved

Privacy Policy of Netpaydue.com Ltd.

A. Introduction - What this Privacy Policy covers

This document sets out how we handle your data. You should read it in conjunction with our Terms of Service, of which this Privacy Policy forms part. At Netpaydue.com Ltd. we are committed to protecting your privacy. We recognise that your data is of a highly sensitive nature and should be kept confidential at all times. Please read on for more details on our Privacy Policy. This will explain our obligations to you and your obligations to us in relation to security and privacy issues on the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website and its facilities.

B. Acceptance of our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to and governs your use of our Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website and its facilities and services and related Apps (the "Website").
Please read through and understand our Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing, browsing or using our Website and any of its facilities, content or information, you unreservedly indicate your agreement to be bound by our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy as set out below, please do not use our Website and its services. If you wish to write to us regarding our Privacy Policy, or to remove yourself from the services, you agree that you will notify us in writing using a registered post to our given address as stated in the Website.

C. Data Collection and Use

Netpaydue.com Ltd. collects personally identifying information when you sign up with us. We may ask for your full name, address, email address, mobile phone number, driving licence details and other information we may decide from time to time. Once you sign up with Netpaydue.com Ltd. and subscribe to our services, you are not anonymous to us.
Our Website acts as a platform where you can make use of our facilities to provide a service or use the services provided. You understand that different services at the Netpaydue.com Website may require different data to satisfy the service data requirement and this data may include but is not restricted to your personal data such as, name, address, date of birth, passport number, National Insurance number, tax code and pay history, etc. If you are not willing to provide the data required you will not be able to use the services. You may complain to Netpaydue.com if you deem any data required is intrusive and irrelevant for the service to function fully.
We undertake to design our system in such a way to minimise the use of personal data. You acknowledge that Netpaydue.com Ltd. has the right to scan the User database when required for administrative, advice and invoicing purposes whenever Netpaydue.com Ltd. deems it necessary.

D. Consent for Data Collection and Use

If you are an employer, agent or a service provider you undertake to seek the consent of your employees and/or your clients before entering any of their personal data on the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website. You will also undertake to inform all those employees and clients who consent to having their personal data stored on the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website, exactly what data will be stored, and for what purposes it is stored.

E. Disclosure and Sharing of your Data

We undertake not to sell, trade, rent or share any personally identifiable information to others. We will send your personally identifiable information to others only if;
- We have obtained your express consent to share the information.
- We need to share your information to provide the service or product you have requested, paid or unpaid.
- We need to send the information to others who work on behalf of Netpaydue.com Ltd. to provide a service or product to you.
- We find that your actions violate the terms of our Terms of Service or any of our usage guidelines.
- Our company is subject to a take-over or merger in which case the information will be disclosed to the new owners on the understanding that they will protect the information and only use the information in substantially the same way as previously.
- We must respond to court orders and any other legitimate request by authorities with which we must legally comply.

F. Reviewing your Data

You acknowledge that apart from data format validation checks, Netpaydue.com Ltd. does not monitor, edit or review whether the data provided by you is correct. We have no control over the authority, the quality or safety of the data input. You and you alone are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your records.
You can edit your stored data at any time by signing in to your account and making the necessary changes. We reserve the right to regularly delete any user data that we deem is out of date or obsolete, such as any tax related data more than six years old.
We also reserve the right to delete any data if we are required to do so by law, or if we reasonably believe the data violates our Terms of Service, or involves copyright or trademark violations, or other intellectual property misappropriation, impersonation, unlawful conduct, or harassment, or if it creates risk or possible legal exposure for us, or if we believe it may cause harm to ourselves or other Users, or would compromise or interfere with the safety, integrity, security or operation of any of our services or systems.

G. Confidentiality and Protecting your Data

We are fully committed to taking reasonable steps in the circumstances applicable to us to protect the security and privacy of any information or data submitted to our Website and its facilities. We undertake to adopt appropriate physical, electronic and procedural measures to protect personal data collected or stored on our Website and its facilities. We also use the appropriate Internet security protocols that we deem suitable to create a protected connection between you and our servers so that your data can be confidentially sent and retrieved.
Whilst we undertake to maintain the highest possible levels of security practicable to protect data it should be realised that no data transmission over the Internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and there is always some risk of unauthorised access. Netpaydue.com Ltd. cannot be held liable for any breach of security. Any information submitted to us is done so at your own risk.
We limit access to personal information about you to those Netpaydue.com Ltd. employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.
Whilst we have security measures in place to protect your data, it remains your responsibility to keep your sign in details secret and to sign off from the Netpaydue.com Ltd. Website when you are not using it.

H. Use of IP Addresses and Cookies

You accept that for security reasons and user friendliness Netpaydue.com Ltd. will act on the following:

IP addresses
Netpaydue.com Ltd. will automatically record the IP address of your computer each time you visit our Website and store the 50 immediate last log ins in our system for you and us to view and authenticate your usage history.

Cookies are small text files that we can transfer to your computer through your Web browser to enable our systems to 'remember' who you are and to provide personalised features. Netpaydue.com Ltd. may set and access cookies on your computer. For example, a cookie would be used if you wish your computer to recall your sign in ID each time you visit our Website. You may at any time turn off cookies in your browser.

Netpaydue.com Ltd. does allow other companies that have advertisements on our Website to set and access their cookies on your computer. Other companies' use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies. Advertisers or other third parties do not have access to Netpaydue.com Ltd. cookies.

I. Links to Third Party Sites

Our site contains links to other web sites. You accept that Netpaydue.com Ltd. is not responsible for any of the Terms of Service, privacy practices, or the content of these websites. You undertake that you will examine the suitability for your needs, the respective website providers' Terms of Service, privacy policies, the procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your information before you decide if you wish to use the provider services.

J. Changes to our Privacy Policy

Netpaydue.com Ltd. reserves the right to change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we undertake to post any changes on this page so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it, therefore, you should check the Privacy Policy each and every time you access the Website to decide whether you want to continue your account with us.

K. Questions, Suggestions and Communications

If you wish to make a serious complaint to us regarding our Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy, and/or anything relating to our services you agree that you will only make it in writing and send the written complaint to us either though your Account email, which is the email address you have used for signing in to our account, or by a registered post to our given address as stated on our Website. You acknowledge that we will not entertain any serious complaint made via phone call or a complaint made through a non-user Account email or any social media channel.

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