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Features of Netpaydue.com Oracle Payroll - Supports Unlimited Employees

If you have hundreds of thousands of employees payroll to regularly process Netpaydue.com Oracle Payroll has the solution for you.  Together with Oracle and Websphere, Weblogic or Tomcat, our package supports an unlimited number of employees.  This means you can run the payroll through in-house client server technology and at the same time you can run the payroll from anywhere using dedicated server hosting.  It runs on all known browsers.

You can run this Intranet / Internet package on a Linux platform or a Windows platform with Oracle as the back end.  In addition, because the program is written in Java you can  run it on Sun Solaris.

Your employees can sign in through the Internet or an in-house client server network to update their address, telephone number or timesheet.  On top they can view or print their regular or previous 6 years payslips by simply clicking their mouse from their own desktop or from anywhere in the world through the Internet.  We have a comprehensive e-filing system for year-end P14 and P35 submissions and in-year P45 and P46 submissions to the HM Revenue & Customs.  Day to day auto tax code updates, tax credit updates and student loan updates are all implemented using SOAP technology.  Global tax code changes are simply done with a click of the mouse.  The technology we adopt is all based on the latest state of the art XML technology with W3C Open Standard.

The security this package uses is the same as in house client server technology, combined with the banking industries state of the art secure technology, SSL.

Please ask for free demo.

Product Features
  • Fast and Easy to Use
    • User friendly intuitive Driven Menu provided throughout for ease of use
    • Preset commonly used Chart of Setup function
    • allows concurrent batch timesheets to be entered and processed

  • Internet and Intranet Features
    • all payroll process done through Internet or Intranet
    • no software installation or set up required
    • sign up like an e-mail account and just as simple to use
    • supports up to 250 employees over the Internet
    • supports an unlimited number of employees over Intranet/Internet.
    • previous date and time sign-ins, sign-out log book available up to 3 years.

  • E-filing and Data Interchange
    • e-file P14, P35, P45, P46, and others
    • supports SOAP mail
    • provides past year pay data e-filing

  • Auto Global and Routine Tax Code Updates
    • auto annual global tax code updates with one click (P6B)
    • auto annual global tax code updates for batch employees (P9)
    • auto routine tax code updates through SOAP (P6)

  • SSP,SMP, SAP, SPP Auto Calculation
    • auto calculates SSP
    • auto calculates SMP
    • auto calculates SAP
    • auto calculates SPP
    • all above calculated to the HM Revenue & Customs Accreditation Standard

  • Leaver / Joiner Process
    • provides complete processing for leavers
    • provides leaver final calculation and statement
    • provide joiner at anytime calculation

  • Rollback, Delist and Restore employee
    • rollback from the current period to any previous period
    • duplicated/mistaken employees can be delisted
    • ex-employee personal data can be restored by a couple of simple clicks

  • Employee Self Administrated Payroll Through Internet means...
    • view/print current payslips and P60
    • view/print previous period payslips and P60s, up to 6 years
    • if permitted, can self update their address and phone number
    • if permitted can self admin their timesheet
    • former employees access rights if permitted

  • Pension Schemes
    • supports COMP, COSR, AVC and Stakeholder Pensions

  • Flexible Pay Period Calculation
    • supports weekly, monthly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly pay frequencies
    • supports Director's Pay at Anytime calculations
    • supports unpaid leave/skipped periods calculations
    • supports Time Basic and Full Basic approaches
  • Holiday/Absence Admin
    • supports advanced holiday calculation
    • supports normal holiday calculation
    • auto accumulated holiday entitlement
    • provides other absence admin and payment

  • Deductions
    • auto deduction and admin of Student Loans
    • various AEO deductions, including CSA, etc
    • provides Payroll Giving deductions and admin

  • Payslip
    • View / Print current payslips or any previous payslips from anywhere over the Internet using Secure SSL Tunnel, up to 3 years.
    • SMS payslip available
    • fax payslip available
    • e-mail payslip through SSL

  • Data Check
    • provided free data checks for your data entries
    • data checks fully comply with the HMRC's (IR) quality standard

  • Green and Environmentally Friendly
    • aim to cut down on printing of payslips, P14s, and others
    • allows payrun administrators/employees to view soft copies at any time

  • Free Online Training
    • provides pop up help buttons throughout
    • provides payrun process training over the Internet (free of charge)

  • Instant Updates
    • tax regime changes instantly updated on our web site i.e. your payroll software
    • provides instant Internet links to respective HMRC (IR) tax sections for the latest HMRC (IR) tax and regulatory updates

  • Technology and Compatibility
    • Programming: written in Java Language for maximum compatibility.
    • Platform Supported: Linux, Windows and Sun Solaris.
    • Database Supported: Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase and others
    • Application Server Supported: WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss and others.
    • Data Export Interface: Adopted XML W3C Open Standard to any XML Standard.
    • Browser Supported: FireFox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+ and other leading browsers.
    • e-File up to 250,000 P14 per submission by XML
    • Security: adopted Equifax 128 bit SSL Certificate Technology.
    • All HMRC (IR) Schema are validated by latest Open Source Apache's Xerces Parser.
    • All XML fully in comply with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Standard
    • Provides facility for the  "costly and obsolete EDI Systems"  to migrate to our more stable and much better Open Standard  XML system (helping you to cut costs and improve performance and flexibility)

  • Others
    • All our features can be instantly verified by signing up now. We offer a 2 month free trial.
    • free user friendly End of Year (EOY) process provided
    • free auto compiling and validating of EOY process.
    • Provide intelligent monitoring to stop excessive time and rate entries
    • Provide Good E-filing facilities
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